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Peli 1720 Hard Foam Set

116,86 € 94,24 €
Toimitus 2-3 päivää

The Peli 1721H Foam Set is a 4-piece set of replacement foam for the Peli 1720 Long case. The set consists of 4 layer of hard foam in Plastazote LD29. Base layer: 10mm+40mm+40mm and Lid: 40mm

Plastazote is a high-density closed cell foam made from polyethylene offering maximum lightweight protection. Plastazote is commonly the choice for high value or delicate equipment. Plastazote can be cut with knive, diecut, CNC routed or water jet cut.


Ulkoiset mitat​ Passend für Peli 1720
Paino 3.000000
Tuotemerkki​ Plastazote LD29
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Kirjoita arvosteluPeli 1720 Hard Foam Set
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