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Peli 1650 TrekPak Kit

329,47 € 265,70 €

This Divider Kit from TrekPak is designed for use within a Peli 1650 Case. It can replace an existing divider system, or be used to create partitions within a compatible and completely empty Peli case.

TrekPak divider kits utilize water-, tear-, and shred-resistant foam dividers with a corrugated plastic core, plus steel U-shaped divider locking pins. Once installed, they maximize available carrying space, protect equipment or valuables for transport, and provide interior organization that can easily be rearranged or customized along with any changes to the contents of the Peli case.

Ulkoiset mitat​ Passend für Peli 1650
Takuu 2 Years
Paino 2.000000
HS-Codes 3921131090
GTIN 19428149666
Tuotemerkki​ TREKPAK™
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Kirjoita arvosteluPeli 1650 TrekPak Kit
Ilmainen toimitus​ Yli 100 euroa
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