Case interiors

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One of the major advantages of foam inlays is the opportunity to individualise the interior design of the case in a unique way and according to your personal application.

Whether you want to ensure maximum protection for tools, arrange spare parts clearly in your case or impress your customers with an outstanding presentation of samples during a sales conversation, foam inlays can be used for any type of promotion.

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Custom made foam inserts

Custom Case Interiors....

We design and manufacture all kind of case interiors for all cases. Foam inserts are ideal for protecting sensitive products and transporting them safely. The foam insert is individually adapted to the products and thus ensures a perfect hold. Transport cases with foam inserts not only provide protection, but also optimal product presentation. As a foam insert manufacturer, Flightcases specializes in inserts made of hard foam..

The use of foam inserts is recommended for the safe transport and storage of goods as well as for an appealing product presentation. In most cases, individual foam inserts that are precisely tailored to the products are used. The contours of your products are perfectly removed from the foam at the optimum height using water jet technology, so that the products can be safely transported or stored. The individually manufactured foam inserts are available in different colours..

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