Bespoke Services

Case Electrics

Case interiors can sometimes involve electrics, whether it's to produce light or to power up a prototype.

We produce everything in-house at our factory in Denmark and are happy to help you with design and good ideas..

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Build-in electronic

Flight Cases, Peli Cases etc.

Do you need a solution with active or passive ventilation in a Flightcase, Peli Cases or Zarges Case? We can make all kinds of special solutions with built-in ventilation, both passive and active ventilation. We can also mount various adapters, power m.m. adapted to your requirements.

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Build in electronic
Advanced interiors....

If you need a special interior..

Do you need little more than a standard foam design? Then we are experts in installation of all types of electronics, ventilation, connectors. m.m. We have been making special solutions for more than 30 years and have made the wildest solutions over time. If you need something special, contact us and hear how we can help you. Remember it can often be an advantage to contact us before choosing your case. This is because some cases e.g. Flightcases make it significantly easier and cheaper to install electronics.

We have our own production of foam and foam work at our factory, which gives us full control over the entire manufacturing process, design, prototypes and production. This gives us high flexibility and keeps our costs low. We are specialists in foam processing for all types of equipment, items, etc. that are needed for either protection, presentation or/and packaging. We are flexible to quickly deliver small or large series, plus have the potential to manually finish when required. CNC milling gives you a higher quality finish than water jet cutting..

foam-inserts-slide Experience, skills, and technology cases and packaging to provide single-source service for quality Denmark / Sweden / Finland / Austria / Germany
Professional Flight Cases

Build-in electronic

We design and manufacture high-performance, protective Flightcases and racks used for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment in commercial and military applications. High-quality materials are used throughout the construction of all of our Custom Made Cases. We manufcure all our Flight Case production and printing inhouse. We are perhaps the only company in Europe making full color print on Flightcases in-house.

Professional Solutions


Our offering consists of the possibility to manufacture using CNC machining, water jet cutting and die cutting, all designed using our in-house CAD systems. These engineering processes, in collaboration with material technologies such as closed cell Plastazote foam and expanded polystyrene, provide the highest-level protection available on the market.

Interior Flight Cases