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Custom IP-Case - Trolley Version

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Custom IP-Case Trolley Version
dimensionCustom Made

Custom Made IP-Case Trolley Version. The IP-Series combines the convenience of a fabricated case with the durability of a moulded transit case. The IP-Cases unique design ensures maximum protection of high value instrumentation and sensitive equipment during storage and transportation. The IP-Series is both tough and fully customisable to meet your needs.

Custom sizes, varying interior designs ranging from foam inserts to custom fittings, various colored panels and branding configurations can be chosen

Whether it's a retail product case, a service case or a rep sample case, image is everything. So when it comes to investing in a packaging solution, why not take the opportunity to advertise your product or business at the same time?.. We produce everything in-house from the Case, to foam interior and all the printing in order to offer you the best solution to the best price possible.

  • Custom Dimensions
  • Custom Colored Panels
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Foam
  • IP 54
  • Heavy Duty
  • Premium Qualitity
  • MOQ: 1 Pcs
Sisäiset mitat Custom Made
Ulkoiset mitat​ Custom Made
Koko Custom
Kannen korkeus​ 55 mm
Pohjan korkeus Custom Made
PYÖRÄT 2 wheels
Valmistaja Flightcases
Materiaali Polypropylen
IP-Luokitus IP54
Käyttökohteet​ myynti, varastointi, mittalaitteet, teollisuus, Offshore, Broadcast, IT-Equipment, Medical, Military, Camera, Buisness & Office, Toolcase, Outdoor
Paino 10.000000
Tuotemerkki​ Flightcases
Väri Purple
Sisusta Custom Foam
Stock StatusLagerstatus Toimitus 3-4 viikkoa
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Kirjoita arvosteluCustom IP-Case - Trolley Version
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