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Extreme 235H155 First Aid Kit Case

65,10 € 52,50 €
Toimitus 2-3 päivää
dimension235 x 180 x 155 mm

Perfect to organize, protect and carry first aid supplies and equipment, the Extreem 235H155 waterproof hard case is impenetrable and indestructible with a lightweight. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Put your first aid kit inside a Extreme 300 First Aid Case and regain your peace of mind. Great for boats, cars, SUVs, first responders, rescue teams, ambulance, police, fire, military, camping, businesses, schools, construction vehicles, emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness and more. Also, the Extreme 235H155 First Aid Case floats on water.


Sisäiset mitat 235 x 180 x 155 mm
Ulkoiset mitat​ 258 x 243 x 168 mm
Koko Small
Kannen korkeus​ 25 mm
Pohjan korkeus 130 mm
PYÖRÄT Ingen hjul
Valmistaja Extreme
HS-Codes 42029219
Materiaali Copolymer Polypropylen
IP-Luokitus IP67
Käyttökohteet​ vapaa-aika, Offshore, Broadcast, Medical, Military, Outdoor, Weapon
Paino 2.000000
Tuotemerkki​ Extreme
Väri Oranssi​
Sisusta Tyhjä
Stock StatusLagerstatus Toimitus 2-3 päivää
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Kirjoita arvosteluExtreme 235H155 First Aid Kit Case
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