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HARDIGG AL1616 Large Shipping Case

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Noin 5-6 viikkoa
dimension400 x 403 x 268 mm

Transport and protect big equipment in the Hardigg Large, X-Large, or XX-Large Ruggedized Shipping Cases. These cases are lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, heat, and chemical-resistant, which make them extremely tough and offer ultimate protection that will move your equipment from point A to point B without a scratch.

  • Molded-in, tongue-in-groove gasketed parting lines for splash resistance and tight seals, even after impact 
  • Reinforced corners and edges for additional impact protection Pelican's patented 
  • Comfort Grip Handles Recessed hardware for extra protection 
  • Positive anti-shear locks, which prevent lid separation after impact, and reduce stress on hardware 
  • Molded-in ribs and corrugations for secure, non-slip stacking, columnar strength, and added protection 
  • Patented molded-in metal inserts for catch and hinge attachment points, which provide strength and spread loads to the container walls 
  • One-piece construction, molded from lightweight, high-impact polyethylene

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Sisäiset mitat 400 x 403 x 268 mm
Ulkoiset mitat​ 476 x 479 x 310 mm
Koko Medium
PYÖRÄT Ingen hjul
Valmistaja HARDIGG
Paino 6.000000
Tuotemerkki​ HARDIGG™
Väri Musta
Sisusta Tyhjä
Stock StatusLagerstatus Noin 5-6 viikkoa
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Kirjoita arvosteluHARDIGG AL1616 Large Shipping Case
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