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Peli 1750MLF Replacement Multilayer Foam Set

182,28 € 147,00 €
Delivery 5-7 dage
dimensionPeli 1750

Our Multilayer Foam is a great way to customise your case and getting the Multilayer Foam ready to protect your equipment / tools could not be easier. All you need is a marker, sharp knife and your fingers.

Product Details

  • Fast and easy - trace, cut and peel DIY -
  • Achieve amazing results in minutes
  • No specialist tools required. Just a marker, knife and your finger
  • Layers are laminated so peel as deep as you require
  • Specifically made for tool and part storage
  • Tough and Washable
  • Provides excellent cushioning
Sisäiset mitat Peli 1750
Ulkoiset mitat​ Peli 1750
Takuu 2 Years
Paino 2.000000
Case Model 1750
Tuotemerkki​ MLF Foam Set
Stock StatusLagerstatus Delivery 5-7 dage
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Kirjoita arvosteluPeli 1750MLF Replacement Multilayer Foam Set
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